Tax Services

We are experienced in all facets of tax preparation, including filing individual, small business, partnership,a nd estate returns. We will ensure that you consider all of your legal deductions and realize your full tax benefit.
Our comprehensive interview techniques and computerized return preparation assure that your return is complete, correct, and on time.

State Tax Returns

Properly prepared state tax returns can avoid serious repercussions down the road, and we are experienced in preparing returns for all states in the U.S.
We can prepare multiple state returns if you relocate or work outside your state of residence during the year.
Relocating from state-to-state often causes tax complications.
We can help clarify issues surrounding home sales, moving, pension rollovers, and part year and non-resident income allocations.
If your tax payments are past due, you’ve received puzzling correspondence from the IRS, or have been selected for an audit, we are fully qualified to assist you before the IRS or the Franchise Tax Board.
We specialize in Collection and Appeals representation.
We can help structure your transactions to minimize the legitimate amount of tax you pay. Through careful evaluation, we will assist you in planning your tax obligations for the entire year, so there won’t be any surprises at tax time.
We’ll also be on hand to explain the tax structure so you’ll know where your money is going. Our intensive continuing education and training prepare us to make sure you gain the full benefit of your deductions.